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In The Canal

A hearing aid is like the basic need for those who are hearing impaired. In-the-Canal or ITC hearing aid is one type amongst various others. This type of hearing aid fit into the ear canal; a smaller portion can be seen from outside. This is suitable for mild or mildly severe hearing loss.
ITC can also be custom-made according to your needs.
ITC is designed in a natural way. It gathers sound from the outer world and funnels those into your ear. This is the best choice for active workers.
We, at Decibel Audiology and Speech Clinic Pvt. Ltd., help you with proper treatment of your hearing loss and to let you make the right decision for which type of hearing aid to choosing. With our huge range, we provide you with flexibility in the selection. We assure you to give the best quality hearing aid along with modern high-class hearing loss treatment.

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