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Decibel Audiology and Speech Clinic Pvt. Ltd. (dBHCL) with the hearing and speech concerns of the individuals of all ages since 2007. deciBel aims to provide a comprehensive Audiological care, from prevention to rehabilitation. Being established in the eastern India, over the years, we have grown our clientele across the nation and worldwide with our high-quality, humble and honest services. At dBHCL, we have all the latest Hearing testing and rehabilitation options, along with COCHLEAR IMPLANTS, available. Our hard-working approach to work believes in full client satisfaction.

Effects Of Hearing Loss.

Hearing is the process of listening to the soundscape around us. We get connected to the environment with the help of one of our senses - Hearing. But many a people suffer hugely from the loss of hearing which can affect their lives immensely. One can get depressed, socially rejected or can even undergo memory loss. In most of the cases, hearing loss is related with age; but it can happen in a very young age as well which can deteriorate the concentration power of a child. With deciBel Hearing Clinic, you can be assured of receiving the best hearing treatment across the eastern region of the country. We take utmost care and responsibility to bring you back to the normal flow of life. In any condition, dBHCL never compromises with the quality of service.

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What is hearing loss?

Reduced Hearing

The reduced hearing is an initial stage for major hearing loss. Hearing impairment often come and go, occur very frequently, or hearing loss may continue permanently. A reduced hearing loss in the ear may predate, conduct, or escort a rise of other anxiety feeling and symptoms.

Degree Of Loss

The deciBel level wise analytic when measured for hearing impairment is referred as Degree of "Hearing" Loss. Some of the most used degrees of any such hearing disorder are Slight, Mild, Moderate, Moderately Severe, Severe and Profound.

Types Of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is divided into four different types based on its diagnosis and they are; Conductive Hearing Loss, Sensorineural Hearing Loss, Mixed Hearing Loss and Central Auditory Processing Disorders.

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Neotia Getwel Hospital
Uttorayon Township, National Highway 31,
Behind City center, Matigara,
Siliguri - 734 010, West Bengal

Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI)
7/2, Diamond Harbour Road,
Kolkata -700 027, West Bengal

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